Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident Labels by PICpatch are the non-residue labels that many major corporations around the world rely on to protect their high profile data. These stickers are attached to phone cameras to guarantee that no one steals or compromises valuable company information.
Aside from the use in smartphones, these security stickers can also be attached to computer camera lenses, laptop ports, liquor cabinets, rental car doors, hotel doors, shipping boxes to validate if they are opened without permission or verify that they are clean.
These PICpatch stickers are wisely designed in a way that leaves no excuse, and any attempt of stealing or tampering data is taken. Even if an intruder tries to partly remove or peel off the ends of the tamper-evident security label, it will yield a visual indicator that makes it easier for the security team to identify the person responsible.
Some of the products are Universal Smartphone Security Labels (Roll of 400), Mini Tamper Evident Security Labels (Roll of 1000), and Mini Tamper Evident Security Labels (Roll of 500).
Each security PICpatch sticker has a serial number and this helps in following each code distribution throughout the company. With so many various options available, you can choose from one of the normal stock labels, or get one tailored with your company logo or personalized message.